Interactive Workshops will be held Thursday, September 25 – Saturday, September 27 from 11:00 – 12:30 (11:00 AM – 12:30 PM) each day. Popular topics will be repeated. Check back often as Workshops continue to be added to the agenda.

Bridging the Generations: Building Across Generational Partnerships That Impact the Marketplace


Panelists: Sami Niemi, Finland; Jorien Ouweneel, Netherlands; Jay Watkins, Trey Peterson and Alan Smith, USA
Reaching the young generation is more than a program. It is a relational process built on meeting them where they are to help them become all that God designed them to be. Discover what successful bridge builders are learning and how you can engage in the process. The big surprise is that the process results in mutual edification.

Gospel Reset: Communicating Ancient Truth in a Post-Modern World


Panelists: Wouter Droppers, Netherlands; Timo Plutschinski, Germany
In a world that is increasingly secular and pluralistic the claims of Christianity can lead to division, skepticism, rejection, persecution, and even death. Christ followers have been there before. Explore the relationship between communicating gospel truth in the first century and the twenty-first century.

Wired For Ministry: Creating Ministry Leverage Through Social Media and Technology


Panelists: Dan Shock, Chuck Whitmore, Mike Chetelat, Lee Truax, Duane Ferrel, USA
People are spending more and more time engaging the world through their various electronic devices. Discover how you can maximize opportunities for personal, team, and national ministry impact through strategic media usage.

Sitting in the Right Seat on the Right Bus: Discover and Apply Gifts to Team Roles


Educator: Harm Engelbrecht, South Africa
Every believer has been given gifts to use to advance the purposes of God. Learn about an effective way to identify those gifts and apply them as a part of a CBMC ministry team.

Tourist or Ambassador: Becoming an Effective Marketplace Ambassador


Educator: Mark Whitacre
Are you on an assigned mission from a higher authority or are you a tourist just passing through? Scripture teaches that every Christ follower is an Ambassador...the question is how effective are you? Learn how Marketplace Ambassadors are representing their King at work.

Cooperating with God for a Change: Living a Life of Purity in an Impure World


Educator: Dr. Al Larson
Al will demonstrate and teach some simple, biblically based skills that combine neuroscience and applied theology. Knowing how to DO God’s Word allows you to filter the world through the eyes of truth. You will obtain awareness of how your brain works, how you DO stress, depression, and lust. God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and human design engineering combine to help you Cooperate with God for a Change®.

Transforming Conversations: Creating a Coaching Culture for Life Change


Panelists: Adam Fleming, Ralph Larimer, Ric Meadors, USA; Louis Smit, South Africa
Listening well and asking powerful questions are at the heart of having a conversation that leads to transformation. It’s true with your family, your business, your CBMC team, and your personal ministry. Discover how CBMC Leadership Coach Training is changing the way people are communicating and the way leaders are being developed.

One Will Become a Thousand: Building Spiritual Reproducers


Educator: Mark Hofert, USA
What is the value of one man or woman? Scripture tells us that one can become a thousand. A small one, a mighty nation. What would it look like if every Christ follower was also a spiritual reproducer? It's God's plan A for impacting the world and he is calling you to join him. Come and learn how to put simple principles into practice.

Discipleship to the 3rd and 4th Generation: How Operation Timothy and Every Man A Warrior are Working Together to Develop Men of Impact.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY (Saturday Only Translated into Spanish)

Panelists: Enrique Cepeda Mexico, Lonnie Berger and John Degner, USA
Discover how CBMC men from several countries are using OPERATION TIMOTHY and EVERY MAN A WARRIOR as complementary tools to help men: walk with God, succeed in life, and multiply their ministry impact. Men look to CBMC because they are in need of direction and help with the foundational questions of faith and the everyday issues of life. OPERATION TIMOTHY is our mainstay for new believers, answering basic spiritual questions and giving foundation for our faith. EVERY MAN A WARRIOR compliments that by addressing issues of money, marriage, raising children, sex and going through hard times. Together, they help men become multi-generational men of impact.

Switching God On: Fighting the Epidemic of Monday Morning Atheism


Educator: Doug Spada, USA
Monday morning ushers in the largest deployment of working believers in the world. Monday is also the spiritual onramp for the entire work week. Our challenge is that most of the time people switch God off—practicing a form of atheism on Monday. Come and learn how to use diagnostic tools, small group interaction, and creative curriculum to bring awareness to this Monday epidemic and stop it! You’ll discover a ground-breaking approach that you will not soon forget.

Work as Ministry: Developing a Christian Worldview for Work


Educator: Kent Kusel, USA
How does one develop a “Christian Workview” for work? What are the core values that serve as a foundation to your beliefs that shape the way you view your work as a Christian? How should this influence the way you run a business? Come join us for an interactive discussion as we develop a work as ministry framework that can be used as a foundation for your work/business. Whether you are on the top floor or the shop floor, this workshop is for you..... if your desire is to glorify God thru your work.

Business God's Way: Being Successful in The Marketplace


Panelists: Bruce Witt and Howard Dayton, USA; Richard Samuel, India
Most businesses fail due to a lack of focus and planning. Discover God's way of success for a business by digging into four primary components: Values, Strategy, People, and Finances. If one is missing or weak, the business will not reach its potential. Hear from top-level business leaders about a process that will transform your business resulting in being a light shining in the marketplace.

Women of True Success: A Conversation with Rosalinda Ko and Emily Firnstahl


Panelists: Rosalinda Ko, Taiwan; Emily Firnstahl, USA
Successful Asian restaurateur Rosilinda Ko and Emily Firnstahl, a corporate and family business leader discuss the unique opportunities and challenges faced by successful women of faith in today’s global marketplace. They will share insights into the application of Godly principles in business and in all areas of life which lead to true success. Come and join the conversation.

No Longer An Ugly Duckling: The True Identity of a Woman Transformed


Educator: Joy Jeehai Song, South Korea
Joy Jeehai Song was depressed. She was feeling hopeless and worthless. Her marriage was suffering and there seemed to be no way to escape her ugly duckling existence. In the midst of their desperation she and her husband found hope and help in the loving community of a CBMC small group. More importantly, Joy found her true identity in Christ. Now, as an author and marriage counselor Joy travels the world sharing her story of inspiration and transformation. You just might be inspired to experience transformation as well.

Wordspeak: The Revolutionary Power of Prayer


Educator: Laura Bower, USA
Discover how women play a significant role in the global impact of CBMC through the power of prayer. Participants will learn how to apply a simple but powerful process of prayer called WordSpeak .This process removes hindrances to effective prayer and clarifies faulty images of a God who does indeed answer prayer. You will hear stories of amazing provision and discover how your prayers can be a "demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." 1 Cor. 2:4-5.

Expansive Leadership: Developing the Emerging Leaders Around You


Educator: Dr. Jesus A. Sampedro Hidalgo, Venezuela
Nothing is more critical to the future global impact of CBMC than the development of the next generation of leaders. In a sense leadership is all about developing emerging leaders. Discover how you can engage in an intentional process of developing those around you...preparing them to lead and develop others.

A Story to be Told: How to Prepare and Share your Personal Faith Story


Educator: Peter Briscoe, Netherlands
Every Christ follower has a unique faith story to tell...a faith story worth telling. Discover how to prepare and share your personal faith story in an engaging way with those in your sphere of influence as well as how to share it in a more formal setting. It's your story. Tell it often... tell it well.

Experiencing the Joy of Giving: How to Give More for the Kingdom


Educator: Steve Trice, USA
Are you ready to learn how to simplify your giving and multiply your impact? Join us as Steve Trice, founder and CEO of Jasco Products, shares his inspiring generosity journey. Discover new ways to give as National Christian Foundation (NCF) Gift Planning Attorney Greg Sperry examines the planning process used to enable the Trice’s generosity, and learn how asset-based giving can unlock your wealth to fund the work of God’s Kingdom.

Zero: Why Giving Can Change the World


Educator: David Wills, USA
Imagine if the number of people around the world without access to food, clean water, medical care, and God’s Word was reduced to zero. The resources required to accomplishing all of these things—and more—are at our fingertips. Hear from David Wills, president of National Christian Foundation (NCF), as he casts an inspiring vision of a world changed by the work of the Kingdom.

Preeminence of Christ: Our Foundational Core Value Tailored for Life


Educators: Tom Whitney and Steve Casbon, USA
Our first core value is “the preeminence of Christ” (Colossians 1:15-20). How do we take the knowledge that Christ is preeminent and work it into and out of our lives? How can we experience the reality of a growing Intimacy with Christ? God has given us the tools and ability, we just need to discover and unlock them. Come and learn how to engage your whole mind in your relationship with God.